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Our arborists are trained to evaluate a trees pruning needs. There are goals in mind when it comes to trimming your trees, whether it is minimizing interference with traffic, lines of sight, infrastructure, or other plants. Trimming to promote light penetration, desired views, or to even provide access to sites, buildings, or other structures. Amp Tree works prides itself at not only achieving your goals, but also to maintain the health of your trees. We trim to develop or maintain structure. Trimming to improve branch and trunk architecture promotes desirable branch spacing and growth in a particular direction. Let us be the solution to all your trimming needs!

Here at Amp Tree Works LLC we strive to bring you the highest quality care for your trees. With an ISA Certified Arborist and professional equipment, we are more than ready for the job you need. We offer diagnostics and treatment options for trees showing signs of stress. Trimming for view enhancement, clearance for roads, sidewalks, and mowers. Amp Tree Works LLC also specializes in the removal of trees in close proximity to buildings and structures. Our professional staff is here to offer a solution to all your tree care needs


Amp Tree Works specializes in tree removal. Trees close to homes, buildings, or other structures is our specialty. Our highly trained arborists utilize aerial lifts, climbing, and crane use to achieve a removal objective. No tree too big or too small! 

Tree Planting

Proper planting and placement is key for a tree to flourish. Our arborists are trained to do just that! Whether you need a small fruit orchard, new trees for privacy, or you just need a pretty view from a window, we have you covered!


Skid Steer Work

From field mowing to dirt work we can help!


Get on our CHIP LIST! we can schedule a load of chips to be dropped off for you! Organic mulches help conserve water, reduce weeds, improve soil quality and enhance plant growth. Wood chips shade the soil to reduce weed germination and take a long time to break down.

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Storm Damage/Cleanup

The Treasure Valley has its share of wind storms. When the unexpected happens we are here to help. Amp Tree Works specializes in the safe removal of storm debris. From large trees that fail, to simple broken limbs, we have a solution!


Stump Grinding

Tired of looking at that old stump in the yard? From old stumps to full removals Amp Tree Works has a solution! 

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